Susan Mallin, Chartered Investment Manager & Certified Financial Planner

Financial Planner and Associate Portfolio Manager at Watt Carmichael Private Counsel

Located in Toronto where she leads the financial planning division and works with clients across Canada (with the exception of Quebec).

Susan has been in the investment management business for 25 years and in financial planning for 18. She knows that combining the two professional disciplines is paramount to achieving clients’ financial goals efficiently and sensibly, allowing for peace of mind.

Financial Planning is the gateway to achieving your desired financial milestones. It helps you recognize what you need to do in order to make what you want happen. In the unpredictable circumstances of life, Susan knows that a financial plan needs to be fluid; a dynamic design that keeps pace with the constant changes of life. Financial planning is not a one-time “road map” to a better financial situation, but rather a continuous advisory profession based on an ongoing relationship with the client. The idea is to have a financial planner to consult with over time regarding financial influences, whether great or small, that affect your needs or results.

Susan works with an exceptionally professional, experienced, and disciplined team of Portfolio Managers at Watt Carmichael Private Counsel. If you have not had the opportunity to work directly with Portfolio Managers and a Financial Planner simultaneously, you do not know the value you are missing. It is one of the most qualified, conflict-free, unbiased, as well as cost efficient ways of managing your wealth and planning your financial future.

To learn more about our unique approach and what financial planning can do for you, we invite you to contact Susan directly. susan.mallin@wcprivatecounsel.com.financial planner toronto